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Category: Real Estate
Phone: 516-532-8658
Address: 341 Hempstead Ave.
My 40 years of knowledge and experience in real estate has been a guide to numerous buyers and sellers. Understanding clients needs has assisted in achieving their American Dream. Contact me for a free market analysis without obligation.

NEXT LEVEL Massage Therapy

Leila Sanfilippo
Category: Massage
Phone: 516-521-1194
Address: 294 Hempstead Ave.
Leila is a life-long Malverne resident with 22 years of experience. Her massage therapy treatments include: deep tissue; stretching; prenatal; cupping; CBD massage; she works with many athletes and offers a discount for high school and college sport students. Give her a call, you deserve it!


Nick Feihel
Category: Architect
Phone: 516-509-1869
Nicholas Feihel Architecture provides a unique design for you based on your way of life and by combining historic design influences with the modern way of living. We have experience designing all over Long Island and we will be with you through all phases of your project, from conception and design review to permit approval and construction. We recognize the benefit of being able to visual your ideas and can provide both two dimensional and three dimensional images along with assistance in interior and exterior design. Whether you are building a new home or looking to update your kitchen, our goal is for our clients to fall in love with the space, for the first time or all over again.

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